Lily is a 2011 Hanoverian Verband registered mare.  Standing 15.3 hh, this powerful uphill mare has a great temperament, and is a fantastic mover! She has had many exceptional foals and has consistently passed on her terrific qualities with her 2018 colt Darwin being honoured with a top ten placing in the Canadian Hanoverian foal inspections.  Lily had a filly, Darlequin, by Dauphin in 2019. This filly received her 1A prize at her inspection. In 2020, Lily foaled a colt, Derry, by Dauphin and another colt, Dannsair, by Dancier in 2021. In 2022, she foaled a lovely colt, Zagazig, by Zhivago.




(Florencio/Weltmeyer/Wenzel I)

Florencia is a 2006 imported Hanoverian mare. We are very fortunate to have this exceptional mare on a breeding lease.  Her pedigree, kind disposition and wonderful movement, will no doubt produce exceptional foals.  In 2019, she had a colt, Luxdon, by  Londonderry.  In 2020, she had a colt, Donahan, by Dauphin.  In 2022, Florencia foaled a lovely filly, Bria, by Benicio. Bria will be staying on the farm to be bred in the future.




(Benetton Dream/De Niro/Wanderbursch II)

Bizette, born in 2019, is the first of our homebred registered Hanoverian fillies that is carrying a foal this year. She is a lovely mare with an outstanding temperament, good conformation, great looks and three good quality gaits. After she foals, she will resume her training to become one of our riding horses. She showed such a great attitude and willingness with her training before she was bred that we look forward to resuming that training after weaning. She is bred to Licosto and due in spring of 2023.




(DeNiro/Wanderbursch II/Saluto)

EM Donatasha is a 2001 imported Hanoverian mare with strong pedigree of States Premium mares in her background.  She placed first out of twenty + fillies at a foal show in Germany.  A super sweet mare, she has had several nice offspring in the United States. She had a filly, Bizette, in 2019 by Benetton Dream.  Donatasha had another filly, Lenah, by Licosto in June, 2020! She is retired.




(Schwarzenegger/World Cup IV/Matcho AA)

Safira is a 2014 beautiful Hanoverian filly.  She won the Champion Maritime Bred Class at the CWHBA Maritime Chapter Horse Show in 2015.  A lovely filly, we look forward to both training her and also using her in our breeding program. In 2018, she had her first foal Delina, sired by Dauphin.  We put her back under saddle in spring 2019.  Safira is home now after being off farm for a breeding lease. She will once again be our riding horse and we are looking forward to getting her started again!

Safira final


(Bonheur/Beau Soleil/Warkanson)

Bellezza is a 2016 Canadian Warmblood filly. She was accepted into the main studbook for Rhinelander in 2021. She is a very sweet, athletic mare from our former riding mare Ebon’s Belle Amie.

Bellezza is currently on a breeding lease.

Bel (120)



(Beau Soleil/Warkanson/Highlight)

Belle is a 2003 Canadian Warmblood mare.  She earned premium status at the CWHBA Maritime Chapter Mare Inspection in 2015.   Standing 16.1 hh, she is a refined, elegant mare with great movement and a disposition to match.  She was our riding horse for  many years. After producing four lovely foals for us, she is retired.



(Portland l/Widukind/Eldag’s Boy xx)

Prestige is a 2007 Canadian Warmblood mare.   Her quiet disposition and good nature made her an excellent recipient candidate for embryo transfer. She was a great mother and carried Belle’s 2016 colt Brio (Bonheur/Beau Soleil/ Warkanson).  She was on a breeding lease as a recipient mare for embryo transfers. She is retired.