CAPALL – The Irish Gaelic word for horse.

Capall Warmbloods is a 60-acre waterfront farm located in the scenic community of Point Prim on the eastern part of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

We offer quality horses with European and Canadian Warmblood lineage.  We have two to three foals a year. This allows us ample opportunity for imprinting and handling.

Our mares and foals have 24 hour access to pasture.  Shelters are available to protect them from inclement weather.  High quality feed is provided and a regular herd health program is maintained.  From birth, our foals are carefully and routinely handled and once they are weaned, they are occasionally kept in overnight to acclimatize to indoor stabling.

Our youngsters are gently started with the basics and once ready, are sent to a professional for further training.

Our goal is to produce a quality horse that has an exceptional mind, gentle temperament, correct conformation and great athletic ability!

IMG_1023 - Version 2.JPG

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