Video of Mares and Foals

Well, the last two months certainly flew by!  The foals are weaned and it was the easiest weaning thus far.  I think the mares and foals were ready.  Luxdon, would rather have another colt to play with as the two fillies don’t pay much attention to him.  Once in a while, the girls will indulge him for some roughhousing!

We used the riding ring daily until the snow and frozen ground took over.   Having the new pastures fenced gave our other fields a much deserved rest.  Future plans include shelters for the new fields.

This is the time of year when we plan the 2020 breeding season.   Lots of reading up on stallions!

The video is of the mares and foals when they moved to the new pasture this past summer.


October Update

The foal inspection was held September 1, 2019.  The weather was fantastic and it was great to meet everyone.   The mares and foals trailered well and settled in nicely.  When it was their turn to be presented, Bizette and Luxdon both refused to trot and had a grand time bucking and cantering around the ring!  Darlequin rose to the occasion and showed off nicely at the trot.  A huge Thanks to Amanda Coggins for braiding our mares and foals, and Cindy Matheson for helping us with trailering.  Both Andrew and I appreciated their help:)

We finally have our riding ring finished!  It has been wonderful these last few weeks to finally be able to get video and start riding the youngsters.  The additional pasture was fenced as well and the horses are enjoying the new grazing area.  It will give the other pastures a much needed break before winter.

The photo is of Darlequin at the beach this summer. IMG_8711.jpg


Brighton Has a New Home!

So thrilled to announce that Brighton has been sold to Kristen Gallant of Massachusetts.  I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen at Houlton, Maine…..this sweet filly has a wonderful new owner :).  This was the first time I took a horse across the border myself.  All of the people that were involved in this process were most helpful.  It was a long day of driving but Brighton was delivered safe and sound.  Best of luck to Brighton and Kristen!IMG_3304

Foals Have Arrived!

It was a very busy and somewhat sleepless ten days!  We had two fillies and a colt this year.  Donatasha and Floriencia  were due around the same time and Lily was due about two weeks later, but she joined in, and decided to foal as well.     Thank you to friends, Amanda and Connie, my sister Kim, and my daughter Erin who gave me a hand. Huge thanks to Dr. Mike Slana as well.

The foals are doing well and it so much fun to watch them 🙂  At this point, the fillies will be kept for our breeding program.  The photo is of the colt, Luxdon at one day old!



Video of Delina

The paddocks and fields are finally drying out.   We have been shedding out the winter hair on the youngsters, Dorval and Delina.   Now that it is light in the evening, it is so nice to watch the foals in the field after their supper.  They always have “playtime” about 90 minutes after they are fed.  Lots of running about with a few bucks thrown in!   Last week, they had  a trailer loading session.  They have not been on a trailer since last fall (when they were heading to the inspections with their mothers).    Each one had to check out the ramp and test it, one foot at a time, but both foals were great!  Dorval was a bit more cautious.  His much braver half sibling, Delina, marched right in 🙂

Update March

The weather has been colder this winter than usual and it was very icy conditions for the horses. It was a long winter dealing with frozen water tubs!  Slowly, the signs of a much awaited spring are beginning.  It is so nice to do evening chores in the light.  Some of the horses  are starting to shed.

The broodmares look very much in foal.  I am hoping the foaling dates are staggered a bit so we are not too sleep deprived.  We are really looking forward to seeing these youngsters 🙂

Highland Lily – bred to Dauphin is 340 days on May 15,

Donatasha – bred to Benetton Dream is 340 days on May 25

Florencia –  bred to Londonderry is 340 days on May 29.

The Eastern Canadian Hanoverian Club Annual General Meeting  is on the Island this year at the end of March.  It will be great to see everyone 🙂

Photo below is our lovely mare Highland Lily at the 2018 Hanoverian Inspection.




Update January

Another year is under way!  Winter came earlier than expected so we were not able to get the fencing done this fall but all the materials are stored and ready to go, come spring.  The plan is to increase the pastures so we can rotationally graze the horses next summer.  Hoping to get an outdoor ring done and possibly a new building.  The colts Darwin and Dorval were gelded and have recovered nicely.  Their half sister Delina can hold her own with those two when the “horsing ” around starts 🙂

The broodmares are all doing well and rounding out.  Looking forward to the new foals and currently deciding what next year’s breeding plans are going to look like.  Really enjoy researching stallions and this is a perfect time to sit by the wood stove and do just that!

Photo below taken January 4.    Left to right: Dorval, Delina, and Darwin.


Video of Darwin

We are so pleased to announce that Darwin is sold to Cindy Matheson of Tea Hill Stable, Stratford, PEI.  This is going to be an exciting pair to watch!  Darwin is staying with us for a few months before he leaves for his new home so we can enjoy him for a little while yet.  He is such a nice colt 🙂