July Update

Highland Lily had her foal by Dancier on June 7, 2021 just before midnight! He is a beautiful colt with four white stockings and a blaze. Looks like he will be black or dark bay. We named him Dannsair which is pronounced “Donsair”. Dannsair is the Scottish Gaelic word for dancer. He is a sweet fellow, very sociable and loves being scratched 🙂

The two yearlings, Lenah and Donahan and the two year olds, Darlequin, Darlington, and Bizette are out in their respective summer pastures. They are all brought in every couple of days for brushing, handling and applying bug spray when needed. They have all had some practice at trailer loading and we will soon take them for a short drive.

Soon we will be ultrasounding the two broodmares, Florencia and Donatasha to confirm if they are in foal. Highland Lily will be bred soon and we are hoping that there will be three foals for the next season.

We had the run in shelters cleaned out after the winter build up and at the same time, removed extra sand from our outdoor ring. What a difference that made in the footing.

With the quiet spring as a result of only having one foal, we have been able to work on some gardening, landscaping, and tackling those odd jobs around the farm.

Below is a photo of Dannsair who is only a few minutes old when it was taken.

Video of Derry

Lots of signs of spring around! Shedding out coats on the horses could be a day long endeavour if I wished. However, there is lots to clean up around the yard and garden after winter to fill the days as well.

Highland Lily has approximately a month to go before her due date. The foaling stall needs a good scrub and the camera needs to be hooked up. It will be strange to have only one foal this year. However, two of our mares that are on breeding leases are both due any day now so I am keeping tabs on them 🙂 We will probably search for a companion for Lily’s foal at weaning time so he/she has some company over the winter.

The 2020 foals, Derry, Lenah and Donahan will be turning a year in May, June and July respectively. All of them have grown but Lenah is definitely more refined and looks quite dainty next to the two boys. The colts were castrated a few weeks ago and have recovered nicely….that sure slowed down some of the horseplay that was taking place in the pasture!

Donatasha and Florencio have finally showed signs of heat so next month we will officially begin the breeding season. The stallions are tentatively picked out for each but that can be subject to change!

Below is a short video of Derry taken a few days ago. As usual, his tail is up in the air:)

March Update

The horses are beginning to shed and it is starting to feel like spring! Our broodmare Highland Lily is sporting a big belly and definitely looks in foal! She is due the middle of June but has, on previous occasions, foaled earlier so we will have the cameras up and ready to go. She is an awesome broodmare and consistently passes on her excellent temperament.

The other two mares, Florencia and Donatasha will be bred as soon as possible this spring as they are currently open. Donatasha is to be bred to the wonderful stallion Wynton. We are planning to use frozen semen for Florencia but are still figuring out which stallion to use!

The 2020 youngsters, Derry, Lenah, and Donahan have grown over the winter. Currently, they are sporting very hairy coats that are usually covered in mud with this warmer weather. Keeping them somewhat tidy is challenging in the spring but they are good sports and seem to enjoy the grooming.

Our two 2019 fillies, Darlequin (Dauphin/Hampton) and Bizette (Benetton Dream/DeNiro) are maturing nicely. They are both lovely fillies. They will be lightly handled this season and then “retire” for the winter. The tentative plan is to breed them when they are three years old.

Buchanan, (Bonheur/Hampton) our 2017 Hanoverian gelding, has a wonderful new home on the Island. We are looking forward to an occasional visit to see him from time to time 🙂

Bellezza, (Bonheur/ Beau Soleil) our 2016 Canadian Warmblood mare, will resume her training this spring. She inherited her dam’s super work ethic. She is not a tall mare so she may become my riding horse. Can’t wait to get back in the saddle soon!

Below is a photo of Lenah (Licosto/De Niro/Wanderbursch II) at the beach when she was two months old. She is another future broodmare in waiting!

Video of Darlequin

Well, that two months flew by! The foals are weaned now and everything went smoothly. The two colts, Derry and Donahan are starting to roughhouse a bit more and Lenah, the filly wants absolutely nothing to do with them! They are maturing nicely and all of them are super well behaved when we take them into the barn one by one for grooming or a trimming by the farrier.

We started our three year old, Buchanan, (Bonheur/Hampton/Dauphin) this year. He is lots of fun and so willing and easy going. We have had him out trail riding around the property and hope to continue through the winter if weather permits. Our four year old filly, Bellezza, (Bonheur/Beau Soliel/Warkenson) was at the trainers this spring and summer and is now off for the winter. She will start back up under saddle in the spring. She is a perfect size for me so she may be sticking around 🙂

We are only having one foal this year but I think it is going to be a really nice one! Our mare Highland Lily is in foal to Dancier. She has been an incredible broodmare for us. All of her foals have her easy going, sweet temperament and super movement. Below is a video of Darlequin, Lily’s 2019 foal who we are looking forward to breeding in a year’s time. She, like her dam, is pretty special 🙂

October Update

It was strange not to be able to attend the Hanoverian Foal inspection this year. I know that the breeders and spectators alike enjoy the weekend! However, the 2020 foals have had their DNA samples taken, their microchips inserted, and the papers filed out for their registration to the Hanoverian Verband.

The youngsters have grown and shed out their foal coats. Looks like Lenah will be a bay, Derry will be a liver chestnut, and Donahan will be a dark bay. It will be a few more months before weaning begins, so right now, the foals are settled into a routine of grazing and naps in the pasture, playing together and sneaking some food from their mothers at mealtimes. Also, they get visits and scratches from us as well 🙂

We decided to not to rebreed Florencia this year in order to “reset” her. Unfortunately, Donatasha did not get in foal this year so we will retry in the spring. However, Highland Lily (Hampton/Dauphin/Wonderland) is in foal to Dancier (DeNiro/Lancier/Espri). This was Lily’s first attempt using frozen semen. A big Thank You to Dr. Mike Slana for all his work and visits every six hours to make this happen. Highland Lily has been an amazing broodmare for us. She consistently passes on her lovely movement and good nature to her foals. We are very excited to see this cross!

Below is a recent picture of Derry (Dauphin/Hampton/Dauphin) at the beach.

Video of Lenah and Donahan

The summer has been very busy and very warm!  We try to get the handling of the horses completed first thing in the morning to avoid the extreme heat.  You can see the changes in their behaviour when the temperature is cooler…lots more playing in the field as opposed to standing around swishing flies.  Everyone gets lots of practice with applying fly spray this time of year!

Florencia had her foal on July 12.  Donahan (Dauphin/Florencio) is a beautiful dark bay colt with lovely markings.  He still sticks to his mother’s side a lot so trying to take video of him has proven challenging.  However, I have noticed that all the very shy foals start to get braver over time and curiosity will draw them closer for a visit. A good scratch on their back seems to win them over every time!

The other foals have grown.  Looks like Derry (Dauphin/Hampton) is going to be a liver chestnut.  He has such a presence and is so personable.   We are very pleased with Lenah (Licosto/DeNiro).  She was a tiny  filly at birth but has filled out and looks amazing.  We have decided to keep her for a future broodmare.

We had some repairs done to our electric fence this year and it has allowed for more pasture rotation. It is great to be able to give some of the fields a rest especially during this particularly dry season. As I write this, Andrew is weed whipping along the fence line.  He just came in to tell me that he cut the bottom strand of our brand new fence 😦    I was hoping not to have to do any repairs quite this soon!

Will update the breeding plans for 2021 in the next post:)

Below is a video of Lenah (light bay) and Donahan (dark bay) with their dams Donatasha and Florencia.




Delina has a New Home!

Congratulations to Sheila McFarlane of New Brunswick.  She has been updating us with Delina’s progress and we know that these two are going to have so much fun together! We have been so fortunate that our horses have all found very special homes.  It makes parting with them a little bit easier 🙂

Two of the mares have foaled.  Highland Lily had a beautiful chestnut colt by Dauphin on May 25 and EM Donatasha had  a lovely bay filly by Licosto on June 23.  So thrilled with them both and looking forward to Florencia’s Dauphin foal in July.  It is definitely a less hectic foaling season than last year with better spacing between the births!

Unfortunately, we had to euthanize Luxdon, our Londonderry gelding, the day after his first birthday (due to an injury).  It was a difficult day as any horse person knows.

Rebreeding is about to begin and Highland Lily is first up.  We are planning to breed her with frozen for the first time.

We have started our three year old Buchanan and he has been so much fun to work with.  He loves having something to do and is so laid back.  Between starting him and playing with the foals, some of the chores on the “to do” list are not being completed in a timely manner 🙂

Below is a picture of Delina taken last fall.



Video of Bizette and Luxdon

Well, it is interesting and unsettling times right now.   Eventually, some form of normalcy will take place, but it won’t come without affecting us all.

The weather is starting to show signs of spring. With that comes the shedding of huge amounts of hair.   Each horses has their special “spa day”.   Luckily, some are shedding out quicker than others so I can stagger their appointments. 🙂

There are loads of odd jobs to do around the farm so it is easy to keep busy.  With the warmer weather now, it is great to be outdoors without so many layers on!

The 2019 foals are doing great!  At the beginning, Darlequin and Luxdon were the largest of the three foals, but now, Bizette is holding her own with Luxdon and Darlequin is the smallest of the bunch.  “Quin” is at a friend’s place, for the winter as a buddy for her filly.

The ring still has a lot of snow in it and it looks like it is going to be the last place to melt as the fence and trees seem to have caught lots over the winter.  We are really looking forward to getting some more photos and videos.  Hoping Luxdon will show us some trot this year. His preferred gait is canter but we get glimpses of his trot and it looks lovely!

We had planned on rebreeding all three mares this spring but have not made a firm decision yet and may have to make changes to those plans.  It will depend on the arrival of frozen semen shipments from Europe and the US.  Working on a back up plan, just in case.

The video is Luxdon and Bizette with Luxdon clearly being a pest!  Bizette is such a good sport and pleasantly ignoring him….for now! 🙂


February Update

So far, this winter has been quite tolerable without the terrible ice that was present last year. The horses enjoy the milder days and spend lots of time out in the pasture, running, rolling or digging through the snow.

The 2019 youngsters have really grown.   A couple times a week, each one is brought in individually for some grooming and handling.  Of all the foals we have had so far, this crop has had the least amount of issues when they are separated from their buddies.

Unfortunately, there is too much snow in the ring  preventing us from taking additional video of the sale horses.

The mares are showing now and this spring should be less hectic than last year with respect to foaling.  Having three foals in seven days was a bit much!

This year Highland Lily is due in May, Donatasha is due in June and Floriencia is due in July.  Both Highland Lily and Florencia are bred to Dauphin this year.   Donatasha is in foal to Licosto.   Really looking forward to the 2020 line up!

The photo is of Bizette (Benetton Dream/DeNiro/WanderburschII) at four months old.


Video of Mares and Foals

Well, the last two months certainly flew by!  The foals are weaned and it was the easiest weaning thus far.  I think the mares and foals were ready.  Luxdon, would rather have another colt to play with as the two fillies don’t pay much attention to him.  Once in a while, the girls will indulge him for some roughhousing!

We used the riding ring daily until the snow and frozen ground took over.   Having the new pastures fenced gave our other fields a much deserved rest.  Future plans include shelters for the new fields.

This is the time of year when we plan the 2020 breeding season.   Lots of reading up on stallions!

The video is of the mares and foals when they moved to the new pasture this past summer.