March Update & Video of Lenah

Finally, the days are starting to get longer and the broodmares’ abdomens are getting larger! Since Bizette is a maiden mare she is still looking a bit more svelte than Florencia and Highland Lily. The expected births of the foals are staggered this year and with luck it will stay that way. Broodmares’ delivery dates can vary, plus or minus, by a couple of weeks. We really don’t want a repeat year of 2019 where the three foals were born within 8 days. That was a busy and sleepless time!

Unfortunately, Dannsair did not recover from his injury and he was euthanized in the late fall. He was a spectacular colt. Breeding horses can be a tough and heartbreaking venture at times. However, we have a couple more frozen doses of his sire, Dancier, and hopefully we can look forward to another foal from this outstanding stallion at some point.

The two youngsters Bria and Zagazig are coming along nicely with their handling. We have just started to lead them up the driveway past the house into “new territory” and it is going well. Both are extremely level headed which is something that is so important in our breeding program. Once the snow clears and the outdoor ring dries up, it will be great to get some new video of them both.

The video below of Lenah was taken last fall. We are very happy with this Licosto/De Niro filly who is a half sibling to Bizette. She has wonderful paces, is well put together and has a lovely temperament. Not only are we eagerly anticipating our second Licosto offspring in June but our tentative plans include breeding our first Licosto offspring!

The video was taken in October 2022

January Update 2023

We are having a very mild winter so far. Unfortunately, it is a bit muddy at times and the horses seem to take a great deal of pleasure in rolling in it. There is no shortage of brushing that needs to be done. I have to say doing the chores without snow is kind of nice….no shovelling!

We have been working with the two foals, Bria and Zaga. They will lead quietly into the barn by themselves to be brushed and handled. Both these youngsters have exceptional dispositions. You never know when handling babies what might happen but these two seem to be very relaxed about new things. Of course, they are curious and I had “helpers” when I was trying to repair the fence in their pasture the other day!

The two older broodmares, Florencia and Lily are doing well and it is not difficult to see that they are in foal. The maiden mare, Bizette is a bit more streamlined in that regard. Their foaling dates are a bit spread out but previous experience has taught me that anything can happen!

We are excited to see this year’s crop of foals. Florencia is bred to De Niro and we are looking forward to this cross. We are both fans of this exceptional stallion and Flori is a super, athletic mare. Highland Lily is bred to Feinrich and we know with Lily’s track record of producing fantastic offspring, that this match will not disappoint. Bizette is our first homebred broodmare. She is going to be my riding horse after this foal and I can’t wait! Her mind is amazing. This summer we lightly started her and she was terrific with the saddle, bridle, and long lining. She is bred to Licosto. Bizette’s half sister, Lenah is by this former stallion and she is a lovely filly with outstanding gaits.

Below is a photo of Bizette at the Hanoverian Inspection.

October Update

Well, it has been a busy past two months! The shelter for the two north pastures is completed. It also has an extra stall that we can use during the foaling season or when the need arises. All that needs to be done now is to complete the fencing and trench water and power over so that keeping horses there during the winter is a more convenient option.

We had more sand removed from the arena as it was still too deep in some areas. The footing is much better now for riding Safira and also working with the three year olds, Bizette and Darlequin. They are learning to long line and have had a saddle and person on their back. Both are very sensible youngsters and it is been such fun to work with them!

The new foals are growing and both developing nicely. They are starting to get their winter coats. Bria is now weaned and with Zaga and Lily. We like to wean gradually, and it is a bit more effort, but find it is less stressful on both mare and foal.

Bizette and Darlequin attended the Hanoverian Inspection and were super about trailering and stabling in a strange place. We were very pleased with their performances. Darlequin received her 1A prize and was champion mare that day. We had the foals inspected on the farm and that was such a convenient and less stressful option than hauling them!

Hurricane Fiona really changed the landscape of PEI ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Was not sure if my 160 year old house was going to survive, at times, it sounded like it might not! We prepared on the farm as best we could but you can’t tie down mature trees! The path to the beach is blocked and a lot of the trees near the house and ring are levelled. I can see the horses in the north pasture now! We lost a few roof shingles on the house and buildings. The power was out here for 10 days. Can’t imagine not having the generator to run the pump for supplying water to the horses.

However, the weather has been quite cooperative for clean up and we now have plenty of wood to cut and split for the wood stove next year!

Below is a photo of Darlequin at the Hanoverian Inspection held on September 4, 2022.

It’s a Colt!

So excited to announce that Highland Lily had a stunning colt by Zhivago on July 18, 2022. Lily caught me off guard as she was not showing any of her typical signs of impending birth! However, all went well ๐Ÿ™‚ This lively fellow was already whinnying before he was fully delivered. He is still quite vocal and calls out when we head out to feed. We named him Zagazig (Zaga for short) which is the name of a town in Lower Egypt.

Bria, the filly is quite smitten and intrigued with the new addition. She stands near the fence and wants to meet him (much to the chagrin of Lily as she is still in the protective mode) Once he is a bit older, we will put the mares and foals together. Hard to get any work done because I like to visit both foals a few times a day. It is a great way to get them used to people and being touched as they are always ready for a scratch!

The materials are here for the new three sided shelter that is to be built soon. It will be great to have the additional space for the horses. Hoping to get water and power installed for a heated waterer as well. We had some work done to the ring and removed some sand as it was too deep in areas. What a difference it made!

We started to work with the three year old fillies that we retained for breeding. Darlequin and Bizette will be attending the Canadian Hanoverian Society Inspection Tour of Eastern Canada this fall. We have been practicing leading in hand with bridles so they will be ready for their big day. I will definitely need to brush up on my braiding skills. It is certainly a bit of a thrill to be presenting these fillies that we have bred and raised ourselves so they can be inspected for the Hanoverian Studbook!

Below is a photo of Zagazig at thirteen days old ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a Filly!

On April 25, 2022, Florencia had her foal by Benicio. We were hoping to get a filly so we could eventually add her to the breeding program. Perhaps a bit biased, but she is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ She was super friendly from the start and accepts everything new without any issue. The cooler wet weather has limited her turn out time but now that temperatures are warming up, she is spending a lot more time outdoors!

Bizette is back from her winter home at Tea Hill Stable where she was a companion horse for a filly the same age. Because of the availability of an indoor arena, we were able to work with her once a week under the experienced tutelage of our coach and trainer. We will continue the light training work with her and our other three year old, Darlequin, here at home. Still working on breeding decisions with these two!

We moved Lenah and Dannsair to a larger field a couple of days ago and it was great to watch them stretch their legs. Even though they are a year apart in age, the two are the same height! Lenah is petit like her dam and Dannsair is a big fellow!

Highland Lily is starting to show a bit of foal belly now. She is due around the end of July. Looking forward to meeting her foal by Zhivago ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is a photo of the filly Bria and her dam, Florencia.

Video of Bizette

Just got through digging out from the last snowstorm. Three out of the last four weekends have brought severe storm systems. We lost power with the first two, so this past weekend, it was a treat not to have to use the generator! We have someone to clear our lane and the area around the barn but there are places that canโ€™t be reached and have to be dug out by hand. I am seriously thinking about purchasing a small walk behind snow blower!
I outfitted all the horses with turnouts after the last storm. The run-ins provide great shelter but if the weather is particularly nasty and lasts for a while, I like knowing the horses have the extra protection with blankets on. I put the young ones in the barn overnight which is good practice for them as it allows them to get accustomed to being in a stall. They were super. The foaling cameras come in handy to see how they got along.
Definitely had to let out the belly straps on the broodmareโ€™s blankets! Both mares are doing well. Florencia is due in May and Lily is due in July. This time of year, I like to take a look at different stallions and figure out breeding plans for the spring. Florencia will be rebred and we are planning to breed our own homebred three year olds that we retained, Darlequin and Bizette. They are both lovely fillies and it is very exciting to include them in the broodmare herd this year โ˜บ. Because Lily is due later in the summer, she may have the year off to reset. Having two to three foals a year is a manageable number for us so not sure if we want to have four foals running around!
We are planning to build another shelter for the new summer pasture we established. It will also serve as an extra space for hay and straw storage, plus, will offer additional space for horses in winter if we need it.
Below is a video of Bizette taken in August at the stable where she is spending her fall/winter as a companion for a young filly. Having access to the arena is great as it allows us the opportunity to do some groundwork during the winter months.

November Update

It has been a while since we have posted any goings on! Even though there was only one foal born on the farm this year, it still seemed very busy. Perhaps it was a lot of non related horse events that caused the summer and early fall to fly by!

Our colt, Dannsair, was injured the day of the Hanoverian foal inspection in September and could not be evaluated. Naturally, we were a bit disappointed with that, but the important thing is his recovery. He is a wonderful colt so we are giving him rest and taking it day by day.

On to more positive news: Donahan has been sold! He will be leaving soon for his new home in Maryland. I have really enjoyed working with this amazing horse. He has been the most sensitive of our youngsters but once he figures things out, he really shines. He wants to do the right thing and is so willing. He is going to going to a super home and I am looking forward to hearing about their progress.

Meanwhile, we have retired one of the broodmares, Donatasha. She is now the designated senior to keep the youngsters in line! One of our other mares, Safira is home now after being away on a breeding lease. She is going to be put back under saddle and it will be so nice to be riding again ๐Ÿ™‚

We are expecting two foals this year. Highland Lily is in foal to Zhivago and Florencia is in foal to Benicio. Very excited to see these crosses in 2022.

Below is a picture of Dannsair taken in October.

July Update

Highland Lily had her foal by Dancier on June 7, 2021 just before midnight! He is a beautiful colt with four white stockings and a blaze. Looks like he will be black or dark bay. We named him Dannsair which is pronounced “Donsair”. Dannsair is the Scottish Gaelic word for dancer. He is a sweet fellow, very sociable and loves being scratched ๐Ÿ™‚

The two yearlings, Lenah and Donahan and the two year olds, Darlequin, Darlington, and Bizette are out in their respective summer pastures. They are all brought in every couple of days for brushing, handling and applying bug spray when needed. They have all had some practice at trailer loading and we will soon take them for a short drive.

Soon we will be ultrasounding the two broodmares, Florencia and Donatasha to confirm if they are in foal. Highland Lily will be bred soon and we are hoping that there will be three foals for the next season.

We had the run in shelters cleaned out after the winter build up and at the same time, removed extra sand from our outdoor ring. What a difference that made in the footing.

With the quiet spring as a result of only having one foal, we have been able to work on some gardening, landscaping, and tackling those odd jobs around the farm.

Below is a photo of Dannsair who is only a few minutes old when it was taken.

Video of Derry

Lots of signs of spring around! Shedding out coats on the horses could be a day long endeavour if I wished. However, there is lots to clean up around the yard and garden after winter to fill the days as well.

Highland Lily has approximately a month to go before her due date. The foaling stall needs a good scrub and the camera needs to be hooked up. It will be strange to have only one foal this year. However, two of our mares that are on breeding leases are both due any day now so I am keeping tabs on them ๐Ÿ™‚ We will probably search for a companion for Lily’s foal at weaning time so he/she has some company over the winter.

The 2020 foals, Derry, Lenah and Donahan will be turning a year in May, June and July respectively. All of them have grown but Lenah is definitely more refined and looks quite dainty next to the two boys. The colts were castrated a few weeks ago and have recovered nicely….that sure slowed down some of the horseplay that was taking place in the pasture!

Donatasha and Florencio have finally showed signs of heat so next month we will officially begin the breeding season. The stallions are tentatively picked out for each but that can be subject to change!

Below is a short video of Derry taken a few days ago. As usual, his tail is up in the air:)

March Update

The horses are beginning to shed and it is starting to feel like spring! Our broodmare Highland Lily is sporting a big belly and definitely looks in foal! She is due the middle of June but has, on previous occasions, foaled earlier so we will have the cameras up and ready to go. She is an awesome broodmare and consistently passes on her excellent temperament.

The other two mares, Florencia and Donatasha will be bred as soon as possible this spring as they are currently open. Donatasha is to be bred to the wonderful stallion Wynton. We are planning to use frozen semen for Florencia but are still figuring out which stallion to use!

The 2020 youngsters, Derry, Lenah, and Donahan have grown over the winter. Currently, they are sporting very hairy coats that are usually covered in mud with this warmer weather. Keeping them somewhat tidy is challenging in the spring but they are good sports and seem to enjoy the grooming.

Our two 2019 fillies, Darlequin (Dauphin/Hampton) and Bizette (Benetton Dream/DeNiro) are maturing nicely. They are both lovely fillies. They will be lightly handled this season and then “retire” for the winter. The tentative plan is to breed them when they are three years old.

Buchanan, (Bonheur/Hampton) our 2017 Hanoverian gelding, has a wonderful new home on the Island. We are looking forward to an occasional visit to see him from time to time ๐Ÿ™‚

Bellezza, (Bonheur/ Beau Soleil) our 2016 Canadian Warmblood mare, will resume her training this spring. She inherited her dam’s super work ethic. She is not a tall mare so she may become my riding horse. Can’t wait to get back in the saddle soon!

Below is a photo of Lenah (Licosto/De Niro/Wanderbursch II) at the beach when she was two months old. She is another future broodmare in waiting!