March Update & Video of Lenah

Finally, the days are starting to get longer and the broodmares’ abdomens are getting larger! Since Bizette is a maiden mare she is still looking a bit more svelte than Florencia and Highland Lily. The expected births of the foals are staggered this year and with luck it will stay that way. Broodmares’ delivery dates can vary, plus or minus, by a couple of weeks. We really don’t want a repeat year of 2019 where the three foals were born within 8 days. That was a busy and sleepless time!

Unfortunately, Dannsair did not recover from his injury and he was euthanized in the late fall. He was a spectacular colt. Breeding horses can be a tough and heartbreaking venture at times. However, we have a couple more frozen doses of his sire, Dancier, and hopefully we can look forward to another foal from this outstanding stallion at some point.

The two youngsters Bria and Zagazig are coming along nicely with their handling. We have just started to lead them up the driveway past the house into “new territory” and it is going well. Both are extremely level headed which is something that is so important in our breeding program. Once the snow clears and the outdoor ring dries up, it will be great to get some new video of them both.

The video below of Lenah was taken last fall. We are very happy with this Licosto/De Niro filly who is a half sibling to Bizette. She has wonderful paces, is well put together and has a lovely temperament. Not only are we eagerly anticipating our second Licosto offspring in June but our tentative plans include breeding our first Licosto offspring!

The video was taken in October 2022

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