Update January

Another year is under way!  Winter came earlier than expected so we were not able to get the fencing done this fall but all the materials are stored and ready to go, come spring.  The plan is to increase the pastures so we can rotationally graze the horses next summer.  Hoping to get an outdoor ring done and possibly a new building.  The colts Darwin and Dorval were gelded and have recovered nicely.  Their half sister Delina can hold her own with those two when the “horsing ” around starts 🙂

The broodmares are all doing well and rounding out.  Looking forward to the new foals and currently deciding what next year’s breeding plans are going to look like.  Really enjoy researching stallions and this is a perfect time to sit by the wood stove and do just that!

Photo below taken January 4.    Left to right: Dorval, Delina, and Darwin.


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