October Update

The foal inspection was held September 1, 2019.  The weather was fantastic and it was great to meet everyone.   The mares and foals trailered well and settled in nicely.  When it was their turn to be presented, Bizette and Luxdon both refused to trot and had a grand time bucking and cantering around the ring!  Darlequin rose to the occasion and showed off nicely at the trot.  A huge Thanks to Amanda Coggins for braiding our mares and foals, and Cindy Matheson for helping us with trailering.  Both Andrew and I appreciated their help:)

We finally have our riding ring finished!  It has been wonderful these last few weeks to finally be able to get video and start riding the youngsters.  The additional pasture was fenced as well and the horses are enjoying the new grazing area.  It will give the other pastures a much needed break before winter.

The photo is of Darlequin at the beach this summer. IMG_8711.jpg


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