February Update

So far, this winter has been quite tolerable without the terrible ice that was present last year. The horses enjoy the milder days and spend lots of time out in the pasture, running, rolling or digging through the snow.

The 2019 youngsters have really grown.   A couple times a week, each one is brought in individually for some grooming and handling.  Of all the foals we have had so far, this crop has had the least amount of issues when they are separated from their buddies.

Unfortunately, there is too much snow in the ring  preventing us from taking additional video of the sale horses.

The mares are showing now and this spring should be less hectic than last year with respect to foaling.  Having three foals in seven days was a bit much!

This year Highland Lily is due in May, Donatasha is due in June and Floriencia is due in July.  Both Highland Lily and Florencia are bred to Dauphin this year.   Donatasha is in foal to Licosto.   Really looking forward to the 2020 line up!

The photo is of Bizette (Benetton Dream/DeNiro/WanderburschII) at four months old.


One thought on “February Update

  1. teresa hoverson

    Hi- I sent an email via Warmbloods sales. I’m looking at young stock, my budget is no more than 10,000. Would like a nice horse for AA, in training and for dressage. They can be smaller, 16-16.2. Would like 3 correct gates. Also any health concerns such as OCD, PSSM 2 etc would be nice.


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