Video of Bizette and Luxdon

Well, it is interesting and unsettling times right now.   Eventually, some form of normalcy will take place, but it won’t come without affecting us all.

The weather is starting to show signs of spring. With that comes the shedding of huge amounts of hair.   Each horses has their special “spa day”.   Luckily, some are shedding out quicker than others so I can stagger their appointments. 🙂

There are loads of odd jobs to do around the farm so it is easy to keep busy.  With the warmer weather now, it is great to be outdoors without so many layers on!

The 2019 foals are doing great!  At the beginning, Darlequin and Luxdon were the largest of the three foals, but now, Bizette is holding her own with Luxdon and Darlequin is the smallest of the bunch.  “Quin” is at a friend’s place, for the winter as a buddy for her filly.

The ring still has a lot of snow in it and it looks like it is going to be the last place to melt as the fence and trees seem to have caught lots over the winter.  We are really looking forward to getting some more photos and videos.  Hoping Luxdon will show us some trot this year. His preferred gait is canter but we get glimpses of his trot and it looks lovely!

We had planned on rebreeding all three mares this spring but have not made a firm decision yet and may have to make changes to those plans.  It will depend on the arrival of frozen semen shipments from Europe and the US.  Working on a back up plan, just in case.

The video is Luxdon and Bizette with Luxdon clearly being a pest!  Bizette is such a good sport and pleasantly ignoring him….for now! 🙂


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