March Update

The horses are beginning to shed and it is starting to feel like spring! Our broodmare Highland Lily is sporting a big belly and definitely looks in foal! She is due the middle of June but has, on previous occasions, foaled earlier so we will have the cameras up and ready to go. She is an awesome broodmare and consistently passes on her excellent temperament.

The other two mares, Florencia and Donatasha will be bred as soon as possible this spring as they are currently open. Donatasha is to be bred to the wonderful stallion Wynton. We are planning to use frozen semen for Florencia but are still figuring out which stallion to use!

The 2020 youngsters, Derry, Lenah, and Donahan have grown over the winter. Currently, they are sporting very hairy coats that are usually covered in mud with this warmer weather. Keeping them somewhat tidy is challenging in the spring but they are good sports and seem to enjoy the grooming.

Our two 2019 fillies, Darlequin (Dauphin/Hampton) and Bizette (Benetton Dream/DeNiro) are maturing nicely. They are both lovely fillies. They will be lightly handled this season and then “retire” for the winter. The tentative plan is to breed them when they are three years old.

Buchanan, (Bonheur/Hampton) our 2017 Hanoverian gelding, has a wonderful new home on the Island. We are looking forward to an occasional visit to see him from time to time 🙂

Bellezza, (Bonheur/ Beau Soleil) our 2016 Canadian Warmblood mare, will resume her training this spring. She inherited her dam’s super work ethic. She is not a tall mare so she may become my riding horse. Can’t wait to get back in the saddle soon!

Below is a photo of Lenah (Licosto/De Niro/Wanderbursch II) at the beach when she was two months old. She is another future broodmare in waiting!

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