July Update

Highland Lily had her foal by Dancier on June 7, 2021 just before midnight! He is a beautiful colt with four white stockings and a blaze. Looks like he will be black or dark bay. We named him Dannsair which is pronounced “Donsair”. Dannsair is the Scottish Gaelic word for dancer. He is a sweet fellow, very sociable and loves being scratched 🙂

The two yearlings, Lenah and Donahan and the two year olds, Darlequin, Darlington, and Bizette are out in their respective summer pastures. They are all brought in every couple of days for brushing, handling and applying bug spray when needed. They have all had some practice at trailer loading and we will soon take them for a short drive.

Soon we will be ultrasounding the two broodmares, Florencia and Donatasha to confirm if they are in foal. Highland Lily will be bred soon and we are hoping that there will be three foals for the next season.

We had the run in shelters cleaned out after the winter build up and at the same time, removed extra sand from our outdoor ring. What a difference that made in the footing.

With the quiet spring as a result of only having one foal, we have been able to work on some gardening, landscaping, and tackling those odd jobs around the farm.

Below is a photo of Dannsair who is only a few minutes old when it was taken.

One thought on “July Update

  1. cmasecarxplornetca

    Oh Ginny he will be gorgeous. What price will you have on him. Maybe I need another youngster 🙂 He isn’t going to be too big either which is better for me.

    I can’t wait to see more photos of him!


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