January Update 2023

We are having a very mild winter so far. Unfortunately, it is a bit muddy at times and the horses seem to take a great deal of pleasure in rolling in it. There is no shortage of brushing that needs to be done. I have to say doing the chores without snow is kind of nice….no shovelling!

We have been working with the two foals, Bria and Zaga. They will lead quietly into the barn by themselves to be brushed and handled. Both these youngsters have exceptional dispositions. You never know when handling babies what might happen but these two seem to be very relaxed about new things. Of course, they are curious and I had “helpers” when I was trying to repair the fence in their pasture the other day!

The two older broodmares, Florencia and Lily are doing well and it is not difficult to see that they are in foal. The maiden mare, Bizette is a bit more streamlined in that regard. Their foaling dates are a bit spread out but previous experience has taught me that anything can happen!

We are excited to see this year’s crop of foals. Florencia is bred to De Niro and we are looking forward to this cross. We are both fans of this exceptional stallion and Flori is a super, athletic mare. Highland Lily is bred to Feinrich and we know with Lily’s track record of producing fantastic offspring, that this match will not disappoint. Bizette is our first homebred broodmare. She is going to be my riding horse after this foal and I can’t wait! Her mind is amazing. This summer we lightly started her and she was terrific with the saddle, bridle, and long lining. She is bred to Licosto. Bizette’s half sister, Lenah is by this former stallion and she is a lovely filly with outstanding gaits.

Below is a photo of Bizette at the Hanoverian Inspection.

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