Delina has a New Home!

Congratulations to Sheila McFarlane of New Brunswick.  She has been updating us with Delina’s progress and we know that these two are going to have so much fun together! We have been so fortunate that our horses have all found very special homes.  It makes parting with them a little bit easier 🙂

Two of the mares have foaled.  Highland Lily had a beautiful chestnut colt by Dauphin on May 25 and EM Donatasha had  a lovely bay filly by Licosto on June 23.  So thrilled with them both and looking forward to Florencia’s Dauphin foal in July.  It is definitely a less hectic foaling season than last year with better spacing between the births!

Unfortunately, we had to euthanize Luxdon, our Londonderry gelding, the day after his first birthday (due to an injury).  It was a difficult day as any horse person knows.

Rebreeding is about to begin and Highland Lily is first up.  We are planning to breed her with frozen for the first time.

We have started our three year old Buchanan and he has been so much fun to work with.  He loves having something to do and is so laid back.  Between starting him and playing with the foals, some of the chores on the “to do” list are not being completed in a timely manner 🙂

Below is a picture of Delina taken last fall.



2 thoughts on “Delina has a New Home!

  1. cmasecarxplornetca

    Hi Jinny, So glad Delina has found a home – hopefully her forever home! I am so sorry to hear about Luxdon! My heart just aches for you and I know that pain all too well! I am still having a hard time over losing Kia on May 13th and I expect it will be hard for quite some time yet! Glad you are having fun with Buchanan and the other youngsters! Take care and hugs to you and Andrew! Cheers, Carol


    1. Hi Carol, so nice to hear from you 🙂 I am pretty sure Delina has her forever home….that is my intended goal with all the sales we do. We were pretty sad about Luxdon but as you know with a lifetime of horses there are the ups and downs for sure. It takes time to get over the loss for sure. I sure hope you can plan a visit sometime…would love to see you! Take care 🙂


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