October Update

It was strange not to be able to attend the Hanoverian Foal inspection this year. I know that the breeders and spectators alike enjoy the weekend! However, the 2020 foals have had their DNA samples taken, their microchips inserted, and the papers filed out for their registration to the Hanoverian Verband.

The youngsters have grown and shed out their foal coats. Looks like Lenah will be a bay, Derry will be a liver chestnut, and Donahan will be a dark bay. It will be a few more months before weaning begins, so right now, the foals are settled into a routine of grazing and naps in the pasture, playing together and sneaking some food from their mothers at mealtimes. Also, they get visits and scratches from us as well 🙂

We decided to not to rebreed Florencia this year in order to “reset” her. Unfortunately, Donatasha did not get in foal this year so we will retry in the spring. However, Highland Lily (Hampton/Dauphin/Wonderland) is in foal to Dancier (DeNiro/Lancier/Espri). This was Lily’s first attempt using frozen semen. A big Thank You to Dr. Mike Slana for all his work and visits every six hours to make this happen. Highland Lily has been an amazing broodmare for us. She consistently passes on her lovely movement and good nature to her foals. We are very excited to see this cross!

Below is a recent picture of Derry (Dauphin/Hampton/Dauphin) at the beach.

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