Video of Lenah and Donahan

The summer has been very busy and very warm!  We try to get the handling of the horses completed first thing in the morning to avoid the extreme heat.  You can see the changes in their behaviour when the temperature is cooler…lots more playing in the field as opposed to standing around swishing flies.  Everyone gets lots of practice with applying fly spray this time of year!

Florencia had her foal on July 12.  Donahan (Dauphin/Florencio) is a beautiful dark bay colt with lovely markings.  He still sticks to his mother’s side a lot so trying to take video of him has proven challenging.  However, I have noticed that all the very shy foals start to get braver over time and curiosity will draw them closer for a visit. A good scratch on their back seems to win them over every time!

The other foals have grown.  Looks like Derry (Dauphin/Hampton) is going to be a liver chestnut.  He has such a presence and is so personable.   We are very pleased with Lenah (Licosto/DeNiro).  She was a tiny  filly at birth but has filled out and looks amazing.  We have decided to keep her for a future broodmare.

We had some repairs done to our electric fence this year and it has allowed for more pasture rotation. It is great to be able to give some of the fields a rest especially during this particularly dry season. As I write this, Andrew is weed whipping along the fence line.  He just came in to tell me that he cut the bottom strand of our brand new fence 😦    I was hoping not to have to do any repairs quite this soon!

Will update the breeding plans for 2021 in the next post:)

Below is a video of Lenah (light bay) and Donahan (dark bay) with their dams Donatasha and Florencia.




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