Video of Derry

Lots of signs of spring around! Shedding out coats on the horses could be a day long endeavour if I wished. However, there is lots to clean up around the yard and garden after winter to fill the days as well.

Highland Lily has approximately a month to go before her due date. The foaling stall needs a good scrub and the camera needs to be hooked up. It will be strange to have only one foal this year. However, two of our mares that are on breeding leases are both due any day now so I am keeping tabs on them 🙂 We will probably search for a companion for Lily’s foal at weaning time so he/she has some company over the winter.

The 2020 foals, Derry, Lenah and Donahan will be turning a year in May, June and July respectively. All of them have grown but Lenah is definitely more refined and looks quite dainty next to the two boys. The colts were castrated a few weeks ago and have recovered nicely….that sure slowed down some of the horseplay that was taking place in the pasture!

Donatasha and Florencio have finally showed signs of heat so next month we will officially begin the breeding season. The stallions are tentatively picked out for each but that can be subject to change!

Below is a short video of Derry taken a few days ago. As usual, his tail is up in the air:)

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