Video of Bizette

Just got through digging out from the last snowstorm. Three out of the last four weekends have brought severe storm systems. We lost power with the first two, so this past weekend, it was a treat not to have to use the generator! We have someone to clear our lane and the area around the barn but there are places that can’t be reached and have to be dug out by hand. I am seriously thinking about purchasing a small walk behind snow blower!
I outfitted all the horses with turnouts after the last storm. The run-ins provide great shelter but if the weather is particularly nasty and lasts for a while, I like knowing the horses have the extra protection with blankets on. I put the young ones in the barn overnight which is good practice for them as it allows them to get accustomed to being in a stall. They were super. The foaling cameras come in handy to see how they got along.
Definitely had to let out the belly straps on the broodmare’s blankets! Both mares are doing well. Florencia is due in May and Lily is due in July. This time of year, I like to take a look at different stallions and figure out breeding plans for the spring. Florencia will be rebred and we are planning to breed our own homebred three year olds that we retained, Darlequin and Bizette. They are both lovely fillies and it is very exciting to include them in the broodmare herd this year ☺. Because Lily is due later in the summer, she may have the year off to reset. Having two to three foals a year is a manageable number for us so not sure if we want to have four foals running around!
We are planning to build another shelter for the new summer pasture we established. It will also serve as an extra space for hay and straw storage, plus, will offer additional space for horses in winter if we need it.
Below is a video of Bizette taken in August at the stable where she is spending her fall/winter as a companion for a young filly. Having access to the arena is great as it allows us the opportunity to do some groundwork during the winter months.

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