It’s a Filly!

On April 25, 2022, Florencia had her foal by Benicio. We were hoping to get a filly so we could eventually add her to the breeding program. Perhaps a bit biased, but she is lovely 🙂 She was super friendly from the start and accepts everything new without any issue. The cooler wet weather has limited her turn out time but now that temperatures are warming up, she is spending a lot more time outdoors!

Bizette is back from her winter home at Tea Hill Stable where she was a companion horse for a filly the same age. Because of the availability of an indoor arena, we were able to work with her once a week under the experienced tutelage of our coach and trainer. We will continue the light training work with her and our other three year old, Darlequin, here at home. Still working on breeding decisions with these two!

We moved Lenah and Dannsair to a larger field a couple of days ago and it was great to watch them stretch their legs. Even though they are a year apart in age, the two are the same height! Lenah is petit like her dam and Dannsair is a big fellow!

Highland Lily is starting to show a bit of foal belly now. She is due around the end of July. Looking forward to meeting her foal by Zhivago 🙂

Below is a photo of the filly Bria and her dam, Florencia.

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