It’s a Colt!

So excited to announce that Highland Lily had a stunning colt by Zhivago on July 18, 2022. Lily caught me off guard as she was not showing any of her typical signs of impending birth! However, all went well 🙂 This lively fellow was already whinnying before he was fully delivered. He is still quite vocal and calls out when we head out to feed. We named him Zagazig (Zaga for short) which is the name of a town in Lower Egypt.

Bria, the filly is quite smitten and intrigued with the new addition. She stands near the fence and wants to meet him (much to the chagrin of Lily as she is still in the protective mode) Once he is a bit older, we will put the mares and foals together. Hard to get any work done because I like to visit both foals a few times a day. It is a great way to get them used to people and being touched as they are always ready for a scratch!

The materials are here for the new three sided shelter that is to be built soon. It will be great to have the additional space for the horses. Hoping to get water and power installed for a heated waterer as well. We had some work done to the ring and removed some sand as it was too deep in areas. What a difference it made!

We started to work with the three year old fillies that we retained for breeding. Darlequin and Bizette will be attending the Canadian Hanoverian Society Inspection Tour of Eastern Canada this fall. We have been practicing leading in hand with bridles so they will be ready for their big day. I will definitely need to brush up on my braiding skills. It is certainly a bit of a thrill to be presenting these fillies that we have bred and raised ourselves so they can be inspected for the Hanoverian Studbook!

Below is a photo of Zagazig at thirteen days old 🙂

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