October Update

Well, it has been a busy past two months! The shelter for the two north pastures is completed. It also has an extra stall that we can use during the foaling season or when the need arises. All that needs to be done now is to complete the fencing and trench water and power over so that keeping horses there during the winter is a more convenient option.

We had more sand removed from the arena as it was still too deep in some areas. The footing is much better now for riding Safira and also working with the three year olds, Bizette and Darlequin. They are learning to long line and have had a saddle and person on their back. Both are very sensible youngsters and it is been such fun to work with them!

The new foals are growing and both developing nicely. They are starting to get their winter coats. Bria is now weaned and with Zaga and Lily. We like to wean gradually, and it is a bit more effort, but find it is less stressful on both mare and foal.

Bizette and Darlequin attended the Hanoverian Inspection and were super about trailering and stabling in a strange place. We were very pleased with their performances. Darlequin received her 1A prize and was champion mare that day. We had the foals inspected on the farm and that was such a convenient and less stressful option than hauling them!

Hurricane Fiona really changed the landscape of PEI 😦 Was not sure if my 160 year old house was going to survive, at times, it sounded like it might not! We prepared on the farm as best we could but you can’t tie down mature trees! The path to the beach is blocked and a lot of the trees near the house and ring are levelled. I can see the horses in the north pasture now! We lost a few roof shingles on the house and buildings. The power was out here for 10 days. Can’t imagine not having the generator to run the pump for supplying water to the horses.

However, the weather has been quite cooperative for clean up and we now have plenty of wood to cut and split for the wood stove next year!

Below is a photo of Darlequin at the Hanoverian Inspection held on September 4, 2022.

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